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ATB OIL GROUP ( консорциум компаний)

Our oil products on the business-portal "professionali.ru"

Dear Ladies and gentlemen! 

We invite You to our page on the professionals. 
We shown part of the documents, which exhibited in the graphs "DOCUMENTS", "GOODS AND SERVICES" and " Photo gallery".  Other supporting documents are ready to provide directly in the negotiation process. 

As You could read in our present letter, we offer only what is REAL we can to sell. 
Here is the list: 

oil base oil SN around 150,500 on the condition FOB offshore Kavkaz FS Sea Rider / OTTAMANA (in Seller's option), Black Sea or ONE of Gebze. 

volume: SN 150=up to 3000MT per month 
SN 500=to 7000MT per month 
price SN-150 (Volgograd origin) = 3000Mt = high quotations for "SN 150 FOB Black Sea" published by "reasonably" in section "Base Oils (Europe)" Russia and NIS EXPORT PRICES minus 10$ 

SN-500 (Volgograd or Perm origin is Seller's option) = 7000Mt = high quotations for "SN150 FOB Black Sea" published by "reasonably" in section "Base Oils (Europe)" Russia and NIS EXPORT PRICES minus 10$ 

It is permissible to make CIF Gebze, tanker "Kemal L" price freight from sea raide port Kavkaz is 12$. But in Turkey we can this product be put only after consultation with the manufacturer. In order to decide on supply Turkey- we must know name of manufacturers, whom You deliver base oils SN type. If the delivery is not going to go into the incision with the benefits of our manufacturer- no problem. 

diesel fuel EN 590 10 ppm Novopolotsk oil refinery on the basis of DAP Bruzgi-Smithy(terminal Pilaris), or any other basis on the condition DAP Belarusian border. The quantity to 15,000 MT. Price: PLATTS EUROPEAN MARKETSCAN CIF NWE/ARA ULSD 10 PPM MINUS 15$ 

Fuel Oil M 100,  Novopolotsk oil refinery-the SAME CONDITIONS of DELIVERY, but quntity up to 10000 MT..discount up to 35 dollars from the PLATTS EUROPEAN MARKETSCAN CIF NWE/ARA ULSD 10 PPM

also offer its refinery in China and Belarus....about the conditions stipulate. pre - monthly volume up to 600000 MT oil crude oil, light 75%. prerogative-diesel and kerosene, dark - coke and fuel oil. the processing cost is $ 30 for processing tons of oil. 

I ask You to determine what position you want to work-and then send  order on our name 

Best regards, ATB OIL GROUP 
Director Mr. Middyaev O. I. 


in the annex on professional.ru the confirmation of our resource and opportunities to get it. 
From Your buyer should LOI, and we will give him the resource or Naftan, or LUKOIL.  We are also ready to provide samples of oil products. If the probes to send on the facts of the signing of the contract or for a member of the consortium ATB -it is free. In other cases-it is chargeable. To view video about getting samples from oil refinery- click please on the link-transition on our page professionali.ru through the this article "Our oil products on professional.ru" .

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